How Mediation Works


Agricultural Mediation Program services come at no cost, to any party; this service looks to create stability within the agricultural industry by assisting producers throughout the state and of all sizes stay in business and above water.


You are in a no way legally obligated to follow through or undertake this program. It’s a completely free system that respects the privacy of your business.


The mediator assigned to you is guaranteed to be trained and knowledgeable of the services provided and, more importantly, the issue at hand. Our mediators are experts in Agricultural Mediation Program scenarios and have been court approved to facilitate legal discussions and solutions.

How We Can Help

If you have an agricultural dispute, please contact the Agricultural Mediation Program. Complete the mediation request form or contact the AMP at 800-616-7863 to get started. We will gather some information about the issues and contact the other parties to see if they wish to mediate. If so, we will assign a mediator and set up a date, time and location that works for everyone.

The Agricultural Mediation Program has posted an 80-100 percent success rate over the past three years. Even when an agreement proves elusive, the parties sometimes benefit from the exchange of information and understanding. The Farm Service Agency encourages the use of mediation. We believe it is a worthwhile first step.

How Mediation Works

  • No Cost to You: The Agricultural Mediation Program’s mediation services are available at no cost to any party. It is available to producers throughout the state.
  • Voluntary & Confidential: Using mediation is up to you and the other parties involved. If you participate in mediation, there is no obligation to reach an agreement. Other dispute resolution options are available.
  • Better, Faster Results: Mediation generally works within a 30-day window, meaning reduced time and cost as you seek solutions. Hearings and litigation can be significantly more expensive. Mediation is intended to help farmers get back to what they do best.
  • Success is Likely: The Agricultural Mediation Program’s mediators have extensive mediation experience and training in agricultural issues. They are committed to confidentiality and neutrality. This has resulted in the Agricultural Mediation Programs’s three-year, 80-100 percent agreement rate, which means you have a good chance of finding common ground.

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